[mono-vb] Regression in vbnc

John Lenz jlenz2 at math.uiuc.edu
Fri Aug 27 22:49:35 EDT 2010


The following code used to compile just fine but I just updated to the 
latest git version and it no longer compiles.  I did a bisection to see 
if I could find the bad commit, but the bisection only turned up


as the commit where it started failing, which isn't very helpful since 
that is the cecil merge.  Looks like it is a problem finding the 
constructor, since the error I get is "No non-narrowing (except object)"


Option Strict On
Option Explicit On

Imports Generic=System.Collections.Generic

Public Class Main

   Private Class Foo
       Public FooVal As Integer
   End Class

   Private dict As New Generic.Dictionary(Of String, Foo)

   Public Shared Sub Main()
       Dim dictCopy As New Generic.Dictionary(Of String, Foo)(dict)
   End Sub

End Class

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