[mono-vb] Running Omron Health Software with Mono

Daniel Qarras dqarras at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 27 14:22:16 EST 2009


> I said 'install package' because there is a non-obvious issue here:
> our VB compiler isn't able to create 1.0 assemblies (so we can
> only compile the 2.0/8.0 version of Microsoft.VisualBasic.dll and not
> the 1.0/7.0 version).

A-ha! Thanks for the info, I've now downloaded the dll and I was able to successfully start the application! It didn't do anything as buttons did not react but at least it looked almost like the original ;)

Omron replied to my inquiry, only Windows is supported but they had forwarded my suggestion to proper engineering team.



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