[mono-vb] Running Omron Health Software with Mono

Rolf Bjarne Kvinge rolflists at ya.com
Tue Jan 27 04:15:02 EST 2009


> > You need to install the mono-basic package (it might be
> > named slightly different depending on which distro you're using).
> It was naturally already installed :-) I compiled libgdiplus/mono/mono-
> basic after 2.2 were released. If you can think anything special to
> check, please let me know.

I said 'install package' because there is a non-obvious issue here: our VB
compiler isn't able to create 1.0 assemblies (so we can only compile the
2.0/8.0 version of Microsoft.VisualBasic.dll and not the 1.0/7.0 version).
To work around this we build MS.VB.dll v1.0 on Windows (with Microsoft's VB
compiler) and inject it into the rpm we build, so the rpm will have this
assembly, even though you can't get it if you build from source on linux.

Note that this is only the case for packages/rpms we create for the distros
we support, other distros do their own packaging (debian/ubuntu being the
most common case). If this is your case, you should be able to download the
rpm for any other distro, extract the Microsoft.VisualBasic.dll and use
gacutil to install it on your machine.


> Cheers!

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