[mono-vb] how to compiler vb .Net 1.1

gunawan chang gunawanlinux at gmail.com
Tue May 13 00:40:05 EDT 2008

Hi, everybody

I am a newbie in mono, want ask a question.

I use mandriva 2008, mono 1.2-5, GTK 2.0

I have installed everything about mono and include mono-basic, I know this
compiler only for .NET 2.0, but my application is already in .NET1.1.

My question is
1. how to I compile the source code in vb .net1.1?
2. If no.1 it can't, so what I have to do?, should I upgrade to .net2.0
without change the code? ( I am really linux native, so please don't laugh
my silly question)
3. are there a tutorial for this?

I really need the answer,  if this question have had a answer, pls show me
the link. ( I have looking for everywhere, forgive me that I can't found it)

Thank you very much.
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