[mono-vb] Mono VB and MonoDevelop

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I copied /usr/lib/vbnc.exe and /usr/lib/vbnc.mdb do mbas and still get the
error below:

Build failed. ApplicationName='mbas', CommandLine='"@/tmp/tmp4fd6cb6e.tmp"',

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> >I'm new to Mono and fairly new to VB. I installed the new Mono and the
> new
> MonoDevelop and have a few questions. I understood that I would be able to
> open, edit and re-compile a VB.net project. I opened a project but all the
> forms are blank.
> There is no designer for Winforms applications yet (though work is being
> done) - you'd have the same problem with C#.
> >Also, when I tell it to build a solution it fails on mbas. I no longer
> have mbas with the new mono version (at least I can't get it to run.) Is
> this supposed to be looking for mbas or vbnc?
> The switch from mbas to vbnc was made recently in MonoDevelop (a few days
> ago), so you probably don't have the update (it did not get into the 0.13
> release, you'll have to get it from SVN to try it).
> A fast work-around would be to make a copy of vbnc.exe and name it
> mbas.exe.
> Rolf
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