[mono-vb] Mono VB and MonoDevelop

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>I'm new to Mono and fairly new to VB.  I installed the new Mono and the new
MonoDevelop and have a few questions.  I understood that I would be able to
open, edit and re-compile a VB.net project.  I opened a project but all the
forms are blank. 
There is no designer for Winforms applications yet (though work is being
done) - you'd have the same problem with C#.

>Also, when I tell it to build a solution it fails on mbas.  I no longer
have mbas with the new mono version (at least I can't get it to run.)  Is
this supposed to be looking for mbas or vbnc? 
The switch from mbas to vbnc was made recently in MonoDevelop (a few days
ago), so you probably don't have the update (it did not get into the 0.13
release, you'll have to get it from SVN to try it).
A fast work-around would be to make a copy of vbnc.exe and name it mbas.exe.


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