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Rolf Bjarne Kvinge rolflists at ya.com
Fri Oct 27 10:31:56 EDT 2006


You're right about the grammar, I just checked it and the official VB  
specification is wrong, so in addition to changing this it should be  
stated in the code that it does not correspond to the grammar because the  
grammar is wrong (I use 'LAMESPEC' and an explaination normally).

Your code seems fine as well, the only thing is that I have been trying to  
name the test classes like the file (this is due to a wish that one day I  
might want to try to compile all the vb code in a directory together, and  
it won't fail because I have many classes with the same name. The test  
will also self-describe itself better) - and if there are many classes in  
the same test file either create a containing namespace or prefix the  
class names with the name of the file.

Regarding getting through the resolve phase I think it's not fully  
implemented (you don't say which error you get), and you might want to  
look into the code for the Implements clause, which should be very similar.

Thanks again,

On Fri, 27 Oct 2006 01:34:34 -0400, MrUnleaded <mrunleaded at gmail.com>  

> OK I got another one though I am not sure if this one is perfect so  
> check it
> out.
> There are a couple tests which currently fail to parse.
> I got them all past Parsing, but they fail on Resolve. I am not too sure
> where to go on the Resolving and beyond that...
> Also, I believe, though I am not sure, that  EventMemberSpecifier  should
> be:
> ::=  Identifier  "."  IdentifierOrKeyword  |  MyBase  "."
> IdentifierOrKeyword  |   Me  "."  IdentifierOrKeyword
> instead of:
> ::=  QualifiedIdentifier  "."  IdentifierOrKeyword  |  MyBase  "."
> IdentifierOrKeyword  |   Me  "."  IdentifierOrKeyword
> For one reason... ParseQualifiedIdentifier will eat up all identifiers  
> and
> KS.Dot so it wont leave an Identifier or Keyword to finish the
> EventMemberSpecifier
> If nothing else, at least the test cases should be valid ones.

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