[mono-vb] Handles Clause

MrUnleaded mrunleaded at gmail.com
Fri Oct 27 01:34:34 EDT 2006

OK I got another one though I am not sure if this one is perfect so check it

There are a couple tests which currently fail to parse.

I got them all past Parsing, but they fail on Resolve. I am not too sure
where to go on the Resolving and beyond that...

Also, I believe, though I am not sure, that  EventMemberSpecifier  should

::=  Identifier  "."  IdentifierOrKeyword  |  MyBase  "."
IdentifierOrKeyword  |   Me  "."  IdentifierOrKeyword

instead of:

::=  QualifiedIdentifier  "."  IdentifierOrKeyword  |  MyBase  "."
IdentifierOrKeyword  |   Me  "."  IdentifierOrKeyword

For one reason... ParseQualifiedIdentifier will eat up all identifiers and
KS.Dot so it wont leave an Identifier or Keyword to finish the

If nothing else, at least the test cases should be valid ones.

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