[mono-vb] Patch for mbas for ByRef parameters from a DLL

Bernie Solomon bernard@ugs.com
Mon, 2 Aug 2004 09:45:49 -0700

There were a couple of reasons I hadn't checked this in yet.

Being a little busy was one but there were some technical
reasons too.

In order to check in tests I need to modify the test setup
so that there are some separate DLLs built as well as individual
EXEs and I hadn't got round to do that yet (my original tests
I did by hand).

Also I was trying to get the tests going as they were before
changing them and found that seem to fail compilation
for me (e.g. LongTypeCharTestA.vb) and was then a little
confused as to what the current state of tests was and how
I could tell if I broke anything. Can you explain the setup or
is it my setup is broken and this should compile?

I can check in the code without the tests but thought I'd
try and do both at once.


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> Bernie
> We can integrate this patch in to cvs on behalf of you. But 
> nevertheless if you could mail us your test cases we will be
> reassured that the patch really works.
> I am sure you have test samples that you used for testing the
> patch still lurking in your work area. Just grab it and mail across 
> to us.
> Thanks once again for the patch.
> Regards,
> Jambunathan K.
> >>> "Bernie Solomon" <bernard@ugsolutions.com> 7/28/2004 11:37:12 PM
> >>>
> Here's a refinement which also allows use of enums declared in other
> DLLs
> (includes
> the previous patch too).
> Bernie
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> Subject: [mono-vb] Patch for mbas for ByRef parameters from a DLL
> [mono-vb] Patch for mbas for ByRef parameters from a DLLI attach a
> patch so
> that you can call methods in a referenced DLL that take
> reference parameters and things compile. To do this I have made
> ReflectionParameters return similar data to InternalParameters for
> ByRef
> parameters - and also use them when GetFullParameters doesn't return
> anything (presumably currently you can't call a method with optional
> parameters in a different DLL).
> Since I haven't done anything inside mbas before I may not have done
> this in
> the right way. But if it is OK I can commit this.
> Presumably a test case might be good but I am not quite sure where to
> add
> this.
> Bernie Solomon
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