[mono-vb] Patch for mbas for ByRef parameters from a DLL

Jambunathan Jambunathan kjambunathan@novell.com
Mon, 02 Aug 2004 06:24:50 -0600


We can integrate this patch in to cvs on behalf of you. But 
nevertheless if you could mail us your test cases we will be
reassured that the patch really works.

I am sure you have test samples that you used for testing the
patch still lurking in your work area. Just grab it and mail across 
to us.

Thanks once again for the patch.

Jambunathan K.

>>> "Bernie Solomon" <bernard@ugsolutions.com> 7/28/2004 11:37:12 PM
Here's a refinement which also allows use of enums declared in other
the previous patch too).

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Subject: [mono-vb] Patch for mbas for ByRef parameters from a DLL

[mono-vb] Patch for mbas for ByRef parameters from a DLLI attach a
patch so
that you can call methods in a referenced DLL that take
reference parameters and things compile. To do this I have made
ReflectionParameters return similar data to InternalParameters for
parameters - and also use them when GetFullParameters doesn't return
anything (presumably currently you can't call a method with optional
parameters in a different DLL).

Since I haven't done anything inside mbas before I may not have done
this in
the right way. But if it is OK I can commit this.

Presumably a test case might be good but I am not quite sure where to

Bernie Solomon