[Mono-ue] Anyone had any success with anything except Play In Editor?

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Sun Dec 7 20:48:13 UTC 2014

Has anyone had any success with anything except Play In Editor?  I've built from 4.4 source several times with the patches probably spent around 10 hours building/patching and the best I've ever gotten is a build that will take my scripts and not hot reload (but stop the session and apply).  However if I debug from Xamarin Studio I don't hit breakpoints because something is causing an old map to be used (without the new test actor).  I can see a line in the output log that says "Cmd: OBJ SAVEPACKAGE PACKAGE="/Game/Maps/Example_Map" FILE="../../../../Unreal Projects/NewCodeFlying/Saved/Autosaves/Game/Maps/UEDPCExample_Map.umap" SILENT=true AUTOSAVING=true KEEPDIRTY=true" when I debug from Xamarin studio.  For some reason it want's to revert my save file.
Best I've been able to do when hitting the "launch" button is that it will launch to a black screen and throw an assertion.  
Best I can do for building the "Development Client" is that I got it to launch with my map, but the Xamarin behavior is not acting (chair not spinning).
TLDR: I can get Xamarin behavior working in the Editor Play Session but that's it so far.
Has anyone actually gotten an independent .exe file with any Xamarin behavior to be built yet?
I had hoped to build something for Ludum Dare but I've spent all weekend just trying to get a single .exe build with any kind of Xamarin behavior.
Thanks,Mark Sebesta 		 	   		  
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