[mono-packagers] The foo/foo1/foo2 problem - ASP.NET Edition

Jo Shields directhex at apebox.org
Thu Oct 30 11:08:26 EDT 2008


I'm taking a look at packaging for mod-mono and XSP, and I've discovered
a problem: whilst mod_mono.conf deals happily with distinctions between
mod-mono-server and mod-mono-server2 (due to settings like
MonoServerPath), it is not possible to use MonoAutoApplication and get a
2.0 server unless you muck around with symlinks (and delete 1.0 support
from your system). mod_mono.so's MonoAutoApplication setting appears to
be entirely hard-coded to use the "mod-mono-server" binary.

It's also not possible to combine the two - if you add a MonoServerPath
setting after a MonoAutoApplication, then the autoconfig is disabled -
causing errors to be thrown due to the "incomplete" configuration.

The "best" option would be for upstream to allow some kind of 2.0-aware
autoconfig, preferably in addition to 1.0 autoconfig (e.g. a
MonoAutoVersion setting). I'm not at all happy with the symlink idea -
especially as it would mean Debian would need to create a
mod-mono-server1 binary for 1.0 support, and it would become impossible
to parallel-use them (as well as introducing another divergence from


--Jo Shields

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