[mono-packagers] Disabling moonlight extensions

Paul paul at all-the-johnsons.co.uk
Tue Oct 21 13:17:38 EDT 2008


> >> 2) It isn't hard to remove the extension anyway, though removing all
> >> references to the 2.1 runtime would be more difficult.
> >
> > Can you let me know (off list) how to do this?
> Don't include MonoDevelop.Moonlight.dll in the package. Simple as
> that. I would strongly recommend against anything more than that.
> But seriously, why strip out features for no good reason? it's only 16kB.

True and I can see your point on this. However the packaging rules for
Fedora have a no-moonlight part in it. I've asked for clarification from
the legal people at Red Hat over if the moonlight plug in does violate
anything given that it doesn't drag anything moonlight related in. If it
does, then I will have to remove the dll to comply. If it doesn't then
the world can turn happily again!

> Very sorry if I sound touchy, but I wrote the moonlight addin and I
> hate to see it being removed for reasons which *I* don't think make
> any sense at all. Just because Fedora doesn't like Moonlight doesn't
> mean you have to strip out anything tangentially related to it. For
> example, smcs and the 2.1 corlib and System.dll are just reduced
> versions of the Mono ones. There's no Silverlight in them at all, and
> this applies to most of the Silverlight toolchain. You appear to be
> going above and beyond Fedora's stated anti-Moonlight stance.

I can totally understand you over the addin; I've had bits of code I've
written for various applications ripped out for no real apparent reason.
However, Fedora/RedHat have rules which I'm trying to make sure aren't
broken. FWIW, it does seem to be excessive, but then it took Red Hat
ages to agree to take Mono in and package it.

Personally, I think moonlight kicks ass, but as far as Fedora goes, it's
not allowed. 


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