[mono-packagers] Disabling moonlight extensions

Paul paul at all-the-johnsons.co.uk
Mon Oct 20 19:11:48 EDT 2008


> > MD [1.9] currently ships with support for moonlight. Is there any way to
> > disable this through the configure script or do I have to hack a pile of
> > stuff out?
> 1) MD does not depend on moonlight at all, any more than bash depends on smcs.

I've not said it does as I know it doesn't. I'm asking if the support
for it can be removed through the configure script.

> 2) It isn't hard to remove the extension anyway, though removing all
> references to the 2.1 runtime would be more difficult.

Can you let me know (off list) how to do this?

> 3) You should not be shipping 1.9 as stable packages. Preview packages are okay.

It's in Fedora rawhide (unstable packages r us)

> 4) I'm not going to add a configure script option, since it's not a
> hard dependency.

Not a problem.

> 5) In future please cross-post MD questions to the MD list. I don't
> appreciate having to join yet another list just so that I can answer a
> question.

Will do. I'm sorry, I thought you were on this list anyway.

> 6) Kneejerk reactions like this help nobody. Please investigate issues
> like this properly before making huge assumptions.

Whoa! What knee-jerk reaction are you on about? My questions was can the
support be disabled through a script option - I've made no assumptions
or anything like that (and for a change not gone into the politics
surrounding moonlight and Fedora!).


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