[Mono-osx] Is it possible to compile a Monomac project in release mode with Xamarin Studio without code sign?

Guille gescudero at gmail.com
Fri Mar 1 17:27:58 UTC 2013


I've started a project using monomac (not Xamarin.Mac),  I'm aware that I
can not include Mono in the bundle or publish on the AppStore. I'm not
paying the rate of Apple to make the code signing.

The application compiles and runs smoothly in debug mode, but when I try to
compile in release mode I run into the problem that Xamarin Studio will not
let me turn off the option to Sign the application bundle.

If I understand well, there are two options:
 · Xamarin Indie license: $ 300 / year (with that, I would turn off the
sign option)
 · Join Mac developer program: $ 99 / year (that would allow me to compile,
since not complain with signed)

Have I understood correctly or there's more options?

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