[Mono-osx] Which Mono to download for OS X?

Aaron Oneal aaron.oneal at spicypixel.com
Sat Jul 13 05:37:13 UTC 2013

I believe the SDK includes the Runtime, so you should just be able to grab the SDK for building (and running) apps.

As Mel points out, you'll probably want the IDE. Xamarin Studio is the new MonoDevelop, so don't be surprised by the name change when you go to download.

Finally, the code snippets on the page you linked don't represent a complete program and at least one of them had invalid code. So if you copy and paste without understanding C# syntax and some of the fundamentals you're in for a long night. :-)

A search on Mono or C# tutorials would probably be a more productive way to begin.

On Jul 12, 2013, at 10:21 PM, Miljenko Cvjetko <mcvjetko at holisticware.net> wrote:

> Hi
> All three of them
> Runtime - runs mono apps
> SDK - one programs against it (with the help of it)
> Monodevelop - IDE integrated development environment (working without it with text editor and command line is not simple)
> Cheers
> Mel
> Miljenko Cvjetko
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> On 13. 7. 2013., at 06:57, "dgio at users.sourceforge.net" <dgio at users.sourceforge.net> wrote:
>> I see there are three kinds listed: 
>> Intel Mac: Runtime or SDK
>> MonoDevelop
>> Which one am I supposed to download for my Mac if I want to code what this person did?:
>> http://judeokelly.com/simple-visual-random-number-test/
>> Also, I'm completely new at this, and would someone please tell me how difficult this is going to be...? Thanks.
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