[Mono-osx] Which Mono to download for OS X?

Miljenko Cvjetko mcvjetko at holisticware.net
Sat Jul 13 05:21:23 UTC 2013


All three of them

Runtime - runs mono apps
SDK - one programs against it (with the help of it)
Monodevelop - IDE integrated development environment (working without it with text editor and command line is not simple)



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On 13. 7. 2013., at 06:57, "dgio at users.sourceforge.net" <dgio at users.sourceforge.net> wrote:

> I see there are three kinds listed: 
> Intel Mac: Runtime or SDK
> MonoDevelop
> Which one am I supposed to download for my Mac if I want to code what this person did?:
> http://judeokelly.com/simple-visual-random-number-test/
> Also, I'm completely new at this, and would someone please tell me how difficult this is going to be...? Thanks.
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