[Mono-osx] Overriding DrawRect in a generic class derived from NSView results in "MethodInfo cannot be in a generic type"

Andrew Dove andrew.dove at ni.com
Wed Feb 22 15:22:48 UTC 2012

I have a class for a custom control I am porting from WPF to MonoTouch and 
MonoMac. The class is a generic and I have derived it from NSView like 

class NumericControl<TData, TOffset> : NSView
        // constructors and initializers etc.

        // draw the control
        public override DrawRect(RectangleF rect)
                // draw something

This all works fine in MonoTouch.

When I instantiate the class in the WindowDidLoad of my 
MainWindowController class in MonoMac like this

NumericControl<double, double> numeric1 = new NumericControl<double, 

I get a System.ArgumentException "MethodInfo cannot be in a generic type".

If I derive another non-generic class from the generic and put the 
DrawRect override in there everything works fine.

This seems like a bug in MonoMac or at least a gap in the implementation.
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