[Mono-osx] Reference MonoMac assembly

Markus Henschel markus.henschel at gmail.com
Fri Oct 28 08:57:05 EDT 2011

> Hello,
>> I want to reference MonoMac from my application. I can add a reference to
>> it
>> in MonoDevelop but when I try to start the application a
>> FileNotFoundException for MonoMac.dll is thrown as soon as soon as any
>> MonoMac code is called. This doesn't happen when I create a new
>> application
>> from the MonMac template in MonoDevelop. What's also strange is that
>> MonoMac
>> is listed as being version
> This is just because MonoMac is not strong-named, and is not installed in
> the Global Assembly Cache.
> Currently we are treating MonoMac as a library that must be shipped
> side-by-side with your executable.   The reason is that the API is not
> complete, and once we put it in the GAC, there is an implicit contract
> between you and us that the API compatibility will be kept.
> It is not likely going to change, but we rather not freeze the API when
> there is no need for it.
> _______________________________________________

Thanks for the explanation. Just to be sure: When I just grab the
MonoMac.dll that gets copied to my output dir in a dummy MonoMac
project I could use that as any other side by side assembly and copy
it to the project I'm working on? I already tried that and it seemed
to work.

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