[Mono-osx] Reference MonoMac assembly

Miguel de Icaza miguel at xamarin.com
Thu Oct 27 23:12:57 EDT 2011


I want to reference MonoMac from my application. I can add a reference to it
> in MonoDevelop but when I try to start the application a
> FileNotFoundException for MonoMac.dll is thrown as soon as soon as any
> MonoMac code is called. This doesn't happen when I create a new application
> from the MonMac template in MonoDevelop. What's also strange is that
> MonoMac
> is listed as being version

This is just because MonoMac is not strong-named, and is not installed in
the Global Assembly Cache.

Currently we are treating MonoMac as a library that must be shipped
side-by-side with your executable.   The reason is that the API is not
complete, and once we put it in the GAC, there is an implicit contract
between you and us that the API compatibility will be kept.

It is not likely going to change, but we rather not freeze the API when
there is no need for it.
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