[Mono-osx] System.Drawing into Cocoa views?

Eric J. M. Smith eric at tarkvara.org
Thu Jul 21 12:05:53 EDT 2011

On 21 July 2011 02:00, Maxi Combina <maxi.combina at passwordbank.com> wrote:
> please excuse if my suggestion is too newbie but, can't you ship libfreetype.6.dylib with your app?

Hi Maxi,

Yes, I'm sure you can.  For instance, VLC.app includes a copy of
libfreetype.6.dylib inside its application bundle.  I believe you
could use Mono's dllmap functionality to load a private copy of
libfreetype (so you wouldn't have to overwrite the system-installed

>From the point-of-view of distributing a shrink-wrapped app, I would
actually be more concerned about the dependency on X11.  Is an app
with dependencies on X11 eligible for the Mac App Store?  Can we rely
on end-users to remember where they left their Snow Leopard DVD, so
they can install X11?  Failing that, can we bundle our own copy of X11
with our app?

So, while I'm happy that this libgdiplus functionality exists, I'm
disappointed that it drags in all this extra baggage.

Eric Smith
Tarkvara Design Inc.

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