[Mono-osx] Winform on 64 bit OSX

Miguel de Icaza miguel at novell.com
Wed Jan 19 11:29:10 EST 2011

> Sounds great, although less "compatible" with existing WinForms apps than the
> approach taken by the Mono team (which is why I don't have high hopes that
> this could get integrated into the Mono project).

Actually, the goal is to merge this code with Winforms, but first the
prototype needs to work.

See the discussion recently on one of the forums about the proposed
source code split to allow two Winforms implementations to exist: one
based on the XplatUI* drivers, and one based on a MonoMac backend.
They would still share a lot of the common code that is not toolkit
dependent though.

At this point we are waiting for James to have something that is
beyond a proof of concept to start the actual split.

> Newbie question: can I build a MonoMac app if I don't have a Mac?

Yes, but it would be difficult to debug and test.


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