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Maxi Combina maxi.combina at passwordbank.com
Tue Jan 11 07:12:13 EST 2011


I am poking with the samples/GlossyClock project, which I find very
interesting: it has some features which I'm interested in, such as moving a
window by click and drag on the background and transparent window.
However, I do have some doubts:

a) The window is transparent, but clicks don't really go through it. You can
still click in the transparent border and move the window. You can more
easily achieve this effect if you change ClickView.SetupBackGroundLayer()
     backgoundLayer.CornerRadius = 120.0f;

   is this the intended behavior? is it possible to make the windows really
transparent, like in samples/RoundedTransparentWindow?

b) As far as I understand, the move-by-clicking-and-dragging is done by
setting MainWindow.MovableByWindowBackground = true, which I found very nice
(my current approach is to override NSWindow.SendEvent()).
   However, I found that the MovableByWindowBackground is not useful if the
user clicks in, say, a WebView inside the window (which is my case).
   Is it possible to achieve this somehow? I searched in the web, but found
that overriding SendEvent() seems the choice to go.


PS: I don't know anything about cocoa layers, maybe the answer to my
questions are obvious.
*Maxi Combina*
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