[Mono-osx] CoreWLANWirelessManager sample is now complete

Ashok Gelal ashokgelal at gmail.com
Mon Feb 14 01:21:11 EST 2011

Hi Miguel,
As promised to you when I started working on CoreWlan binding, I committed
myself this weekend to port the CoreWLANWirelessManager sample (
from Apple's Official Reference Library to MonoMac. I'm feeling glad to
announce that the porting is now complete, and is now waiting on github for
anyone to fork/clone/download (
https://github.com/ashokgelal/CoreWLANWirelessManager). I thought it would
take a week or more to complete everything so I started it on github. But
fortunately took only two full days. Can you please get it off the github
and integrate into MonoMac samples?

This is a complete port without lacking any feature compared to the official
sample. But please note that I was not able to test each and every features
provided by this WirelessManager. This is limited not only by my time but
also because using some features requires different network environment. I
will be more than happy to fix any bugs if anyone pointed them out and let
me know.

This was my first time working with MonoMac and Cocoa binding (and so my
first Mac Application) and it is hard to believe that in two days I wrote a
program as complex as this (run it, use it and you will understand what I'm
talking about) without much pain. MonoMac rocks!

Ashok Gelal
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