[Mono-osx] Debugging and Progress Indicator doesn't go well together

Ashok Gelal ashokgelal at gmail.com
Sun Feb 13 22:39:54 EST 2011

Sorry for my lame title. Here is something weird that I've noticed:

Once you have started a progress indicator on your application (by
yourProgressIndicator.StartAnimation(this)), and then if you do anything
that would hit a breakpoint, your application freezes. If you don't animate
the progress bar then everything is fine. Or if you don't have a breakpoint,
it runs fine too. Otherwise, you have to force quit it.

I have tested this on one of the samples(PredicateEditorSample) that comes
with MonoMac. Here are the steps to repeat this (on the

1. Put a breakpoint on line 157 in MyWindowController.cs
2. Run the application, it will hit the breakpoint. You can continue without
any problem because at this point we haven't animated the progress indicator
3. Type something in the name query field, and hit enter.
4. It will hit the breakpoint again, and you can continue. After this step
the progress indicator gets animated.
5. Repeat step 3 (or just put your cursor in the same query field and hit
enter) - the application now freezes. Only way to quit it is to do a Force

My guess is that something wrong going on with the thread (debugger running
on the GUI thread?). I'm not sure.
Can anyone please confirm this bug?

Ashok Gelal
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