[Mono-osx] MonoMac and OpenTK?

kjpou kjpou at pt.lu
Sat Feb 5 12:36:19 EST 2011

Hello Miguel

Yep totally agree with the "reuse".  That OpenGL is one nasty api and 
was actually hating the fact of wrapping those by hand.  I have a good 
start but ....

Finished my screen capture program this morning and got it outputting 
the image.  Just could not get that CGImageDestination to work at all so 
did it with C# api's.  Which I think you prefer.

Check the OpenTK bindings into the tree and will take a look unless you 
prefer to wait.  Have never touched OpenGL as have never needed it for 
anything on any system.


On 2/5/11 4:04 PM, Miguel de Icaza wrote:
> Hello,
>> So MonoMac will not be exposing the OpenGL bindings from MacOSX but instead
>> be integrating OpenTK?  I have not touched MonoTouch in a really long time
>> so did not know that is what you guys were using.
> At the core you have the C APIs that must be wrapped.   And we can
> either use one of the two existing wrappers (Tao which has not been
> maintained for a while, or OpenTK which has, and has done a nicer
> binding) or write a *third* binding for the *same* APIs.   So I am
> clearly on camp "reuse" the existing wrapper for the exact same APIs.
>> If we are waiting on the OpenTK bindings then will hold off on what I am
>> doing.  If you are interested in having the beginnings of an OpenGL bindings
>> as well let me know.
> I can import OpenTK into the tree if this would help folks get started.

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