[Mono-osx] MonoMac and OpenTK?

kjpou kjpou at pt.lu
Sat Feb 5 04:21:32 EST 2011


So MonoMac will not be exposing the OpenGL bindings from MacOSX but 
instead be integrating OpenTK?  I have not touched MonoTouch in a really 
long time so did not know that is what you guys were using.

I have had a working example of the bindings for OpenGL started on my 
harddrive for a couple of weeks now.  I wanted to write a screen capture 
program and have it working with preliminary bindings.  Basically enough 
to create a screen capture using OpenGL and then saving that image off 
to a .tiff file.  Unfortunately the CGImageDestination class is throwing 
me a curve ball and not working.

If we are waiting on the OpenTK bindings then will hold off on what I am 
doing.  If you are interested in having the beginnings of an OpenGL 
bindings as well let me know.


On 2/4/11 4:18 PM, Miguel de Icaza wrote:
> Hello,
>> A simple sequence like:
>>                 using OpenTK.Graphics.OpenGL;
>>                 Console.WriteLine("MyOpenGLView.DrawRect() _version(-)");
>>                 string _version = GL.GetString(StringName.Version);
>>                 Console.WriteLine("MyOpenGLView.DrawRect() _version(+)=" +
>> _version);
>> causes an exception.
>> Is OpenTK the right way to go under MonoMac?
> We want to expose the same version of OpenTK that we use for MonoTouch
> and Monodroid (which is slightly older than the current OpenTK) in
> MonoMac, but we have not done any integration work yet.
> The reason for staying with an older version is that OpenTK broke
> their API after we used it in MonoTouch, and we figured that we would
> wait on that API release until they released a final API, to avoid
> tracking changes every week.
> As for using the NSOpenGLView, I have not tried using it myself yet.
> Miguel
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