[Mono-osx] MonoMac not found during mdtool build

Uli Hertlein uli at xdt.com.au
Wed Aug 10 05:03:49 EDT 2011

Hi guys,

so I've updated the MonoMac plugin to (from in MonoDevelop 2.6 Beta 3) and the 
framework to 2.10.4.

When building or packaging from inside MD everything is okay, but when I do it from the automated 
build process using the following command line:

echo "*** Building..."
mdtool build --configuration:Release --target:Build

*** Building...
MonoDevelop Build Tool
Loading solution:
    Loading solution:
       Loading projects ..
Building: SlingshotProxyUI (Release)
    Building Solution SlingshotProxyUI
       Building: SlingshotProxyUI (Release)
          Executing: PatchInfoPlist.sh
          Performing main compilation...
             WARNING: Assembly 'MonoMac, Version=, Culture=neutral' not
             found. Make sure that the assembly exists in disk. If the reference
             is required to build the project you may get compilation errors.

/Users/uli/Projects/Proxy/Cocoa/AppDelegate.cs(14,15): error CS0246: The type or namespace
             name `MonoMac' could not be found. Are you missing a using
             directive or an assembly reference?

What worries me is that when I look in the Package References it says:
Assembly: MonoMac
Package:  monomac (Provided by MonoDevelop)

The assembly browser works and shows sane results however.
The add-in manager shows 'MonoMac development, Version'.

Any ideas?

Uli Hertlein
Research and Development   mailto:uli at xdt.com.au
XDT Pty Ltd                http://www.xdt.com.au

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