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kjpou kjpou at pt.lu
Mon Nov 29 00:21:58 EST 2010

Hello Miguel and Geoff

I posted it to the mono-osx list with the title [MonoMac] 
NSPredicateEditor Control and Sample on 11/23/10.

It added support for NSPredicateEditor and NSMetadataQuery as well as 

Following shows the text that written and attached in that post are the 
diffs for maccore and monomac as well as the sample program.


Here is another sample that adds support for the NSPredicate editor.

The sample shows how to use the NSPredicateEditor within a program and 
uses the NSMetadataQuery to query SpotLight for a list of names 
corresponding to the Predicates from your Address Book.

The additions are not complete.  Meaning that there are still some 
NSArray elements instead of native arrays XXXXX[] being used as did not 
have a test for them or did not use them.  The ones that I did see and 
could change were updated.

I do believe that the the NSPredicate will have to be added to the 
plugin or you will have to manually add using MonoMac.Appkit to the 
.designer.cs source.

Where can I find the source for the plugin so that I can take a look at it?

A summary of the additions are here:

MonoMac appkit.cs

using MonoMac.CoreData;

             [BaseType (typeof (NSObject))]

             interface NSPredicateEditorRowTemplate {

             [BaseType (typeof (NSControl), Delegates=new string [] { 
"Delegate" }, Events=new Type [] { typeof (NSRuleEditorDelegate)})]

             interface NSRuleEditor {

             [BaseType (typeof (NSObject))]


             interface NSRuleEditorDelegate {

             [BaseType (typeof (NSRuleEditor))]

             interface NSPredicateEditor {

MonoMac enums.cs

             public enum NSRuleEditorRowType{

             public enum NSRuleEditorNestingMode {

Maccore foundation.cs

             [BaseType (typeof (NSObject))]
             [Since (4,0)]
             interface NSPredicate {

             [BaseType (typeof (NSPredicate))]

             interface NSComparisonPredicate {

             [BaseType (typeof (NSPredicate))]

             interface NSCompoundPredicate {

             [BaseType (typeof (NSObject), Delegates=new string [] { 
"Delegate" }, Events=new Type [] { typeof (NSMetadataQueryDelegate)})]

             interface NSMetadataQuery {

             [BaseType (typeof (NSObject))]


             interface NSMetadataQueryDelegate {

             [BaseType (typeof (NSObject))]

             interface NSMetadataItem {

             [BaseType (typeof (NSObject))]

             interface NSMetadataQueryAttributeValueTuple {

             [BaseType (typeof (NSObject))]

             interface NSMetadataQueryResultGroup {

Maccore enum.cs

             public enum NSComparisonPredicateModifier

             public enum NSPredicateOperatorType

             public enum NSComparisonPredicateOptions : uint

             public enum NSCompoundPredicateType

On 11/29/10 6:07 AM, Miguel de Icaza wrote:
>       I commited another major fix to memory managment tonight, which
>     resolved a regression I unfortunately introduced fixing another
>     issue.  My apologies for that.  I cannot find a MonoMac sample for
>     NSPredicateEditor, but other samples which use NSTableView appear
>     to be resolved.  If you have a demo which fails against trunk
>     please send it to me.
> I have not seen this sample either.
> Miguel
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