[Mono-osx] [MonoMac] Bindings Regression Tests

Miguel de Icaza miguel at novell.com
Sun Nov 28 12:39:31 EST 2010


Good news is that I can not recreate any of the problems that I was having
> with NSTableView.  Not in any of the samples, test cases nor in my main
> monomac/Cocoa project that I am working on.

Right, that was Geoff's fixes from Friday.   Glad to see that this
eliminated a bunch of errors (it was affecting everyone, but the errors were
slightly different).

> Unfortunately now some other things have started acting up.  The
> PopupBindings sample provided from monomac master does not work anymore nor
> the new one I posted yesterday.  I have created three different tests and
> the only one that works is with NSMutableDictionary.  I was in the process
> of adding a class object to my main project that used the same bindings
> concepts of PopupBindings but with a NSTableView binding instead of binding
> to a popup button.

I am surprised that the sample ever worked.   If you google for that
particular error, you will see that our MonoTouch/Troubleshooting page
explained what had to be done.   In this case, you do not want [Export] as
that is merely to respond to the Objective-C message, but does not
participate in the key/value system.   For that you need to use [Connect].
I have fixed the sample to use [Connect] instead.

> Spent the last four hours trying to find the problem in my code and have
> hit a dead end.  Could someone please verify for me that the PopupBindings
> project works for them as it seemed to worked before.  Either one will do.
> Sample provided from source or the one I posted yesterday.

It works now, let me know if you run into other issues.

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