[Mono-osx] monomac Contributions

Miguel de Icaza miguel at novell.com
Thu May 6 13:33:56 EDT 2010

> Miguel, I'd like to suggest that rather than having a single file such
> as appkit.cs each individual obj-c interface be placed in its own
> file.  This makes merging, diffing, etc a bit easier.

I do not like that approach, it is too much clutter.

Maybe I'll reconsider that in the future, but not now.

There is a minor benefit in diffing and merging, but is so minor, that I
rather keep the current setup just because I do not like the idea of
hundreds of little 1k files that would mostly feel like noise.

> The bindings very closely match the hand bindings from appkit.cs.  The
> main difference is not all of the generated methods have not been
> changed to the C# naming convention.  But the generated methods are
> more complete as they provide access to almost all obj-c selectors.
> And in at least one case are more accurate (setName is incorrectly
> hand bound on NSImage).

Although I appreciate the work that you are doing with automatically
generating the output, they are completely useless to me if it means
that I have to do the naming.

I still have to audit the contributions, but I would rather audit the
contribution that fix *and* audit the contribution.

That being said, thanks for sharing this with us.   I am sure that I
will turn to your generated stubs (and others will as well) to start
adapting the result into something we can check into the repository. 

> The remaining issues are deciding how to support obj-c types such
> NSRangePointer, NSRectPointer, NSRectEdge, etc.  I have not commented
> these out so the generated bindings do not currently compile.  

They will need engine support;   It will have to wait for Geoff and
myself to have time on a weekend to look into this.

> However, using the generated files as a basis is still useful if you
> intend to hand bind as you will be 90% complete.

I agree that the generated files are a good starting point, someone can
start taking each individual file and merging them into our main file.

> I'm adding to the generator as time permits, which has not been a lot
> recently.

Could you share your updated parser?


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