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Duane Wandless duane at wandless.net
Thu May 6 02:38:55 EDT 2010

Miguel, I'd like to suggest that rather than having a single file such as
appkit.cs each individual obj-c interface be placed in its own file.  This
makes merging, diffing, etc a bit easier.

Attached is my generated bindings for all of the AppKit framework.  Each
interface in its own file.  With AppKitEnum.cs containing the enums.  Note
sometimes the name for the enum cannot be determined from the header file,
these are named EnumNameNotFound within the AppKitEnum.cs file.

The bindings very closely match the hand bindings from appkit.cs.  The main
difference is not all of the generated methods have not been changed to the
C# naming convention.  But the generated methods are more complete as they
provide access to almost all obj-c selectors.  And in at least one case are
more accurate (setName is incorrectly hand bound on NSImage).

The remaining issues are deciding how to support obj-c types such
NSRangePointer, NSRectPointer, NSRectEdge, etc.  I have not commented these
out so the generated bindings do not currently compile.  The generated
bindings do not have the bindings for WeakDelegates.  And the generated
bindings always return NSArray where the hand bindings are returning
NStype[] if we know that the selector returns an array of a particular type.

However, using the generated files as a basis is still useful if you intend
to hand bind as you will be 90% complete.

I'm adding to the generator as time permits, which has not been a lot

On Wed, May 5, 2010 at 9:42 PM, Law <karbon at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello Everyone,
>    I was wondering where a really good place to start on monomac
> contribution would be. I read Miguel's post, and I would like to either port
> some of AppKit (as it looks to need the most help), or I can re-write
> Apple's tutorial/example code for monomac. I was just wondering what
> everyone thought was a good place to start. Also, I'm wondering if there may
> be a status page somewhere in the future? (I don't mind writing this page
> either)
> Thanx,
>    Lawrence
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