[Mono-osx] Seeking contractor for some Mono development

David Fisher tibbon at gmail.com
Thu Feb 4 18:24:31 EST 2010

Hi everyone. I'm new to the list, so I hope this is tone appropriate.

We're looking for someone to help make the Mac version of our imVOX product
(http://imvox.com) more stable and mac-like. I believe it will be between
40-80 hours of contract work.

The developer needs to have experience in using Mono (C#) for Mac
development. Additional experience in C++ and Objective-C might be handy. We
use Git for version control and Redmine for project/task management. We
wrote our client initially in .NET for Windows and we've got it working
mostly in Mono so far, however there's a handful of loose ends that we need
to tie up.

The rate is negotiable, and we'd like to get this going ASAP. Reply to me
directly if you're interested and feel free to pass this on beyond this


David Fisher
Director of Marketing, imVOX
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