[Mono-osx] Why not implement WPF using OpenGL on Mac OS X?

Eric Dunstan e_dunstan at hotmail.com
Tue May 19 23:56:45 EDT 2009

Since WPF is implemented in DirectX on Windows, and DirectX is only found in Windows, you cannot implement WPF in Linux or Mac OS X using DirectX. 

However, what about using OpenGL? I know that OpenGL is more efficient and cleaner than DirectX. 

No one uses Windows Forms anymore for making GUIs in .NET on Windows. All the new GUIs being made in .NET on Windows use the XAML and code behind technologies of WPF. 

We need to breathe new life into the Mono project on Mac OS X. There is no future in Carbon 32 bit technologies on the Mac. Mono has to get out of its 32 bit bindings to Carbon and become 64 bit for upcoming Snow Leopard, or it will become a legacy framework.

If the current Mono codebase is too entrenched in bindings to Carbon or 32-bit only libraries, I suggest forking the code to a new project based solely on Mac OS X technologies that will be 64 bit in Snow Leopard, such as Cocoa and OpenGL.

And why not jetison Windows Forms and focus on WPF implemented in OpenGL, the closest equivelent to DirectX on Mac and Linux? 

Also, why not look at how Apple implemented Java 64 bit on their Cocoa platform? Instead of reinventing the wheel, we should combine open source technologies that work. Of course, I realize Apple's Java is not yet open source, but maybe a deal could be made with Apple like the one Novell made with Microsoft? Collaboration and cooperation is the key to building the tower of Babel.

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