[Mono-osx] How is Java 64 bit implemented in Cocoa on Mac?

Eric Dunstan e_dunstan at hotmail.com
Tue May 19 15:09:38 EDT 2009

Why don't we implement Mono using the same technology that Apple used to implement Java 64 bit on Mac OS X? Since Carbon has no 64 bit implementation on the Mac, Java 64 bit must be totally free of Carbon and truly based on 64 bit Cocoa, right? A 64 bit application cannot load 32 bit drivers or frameworks and vice versa.

Mono is more like Java than it is any other Mac OS X native technology. Snow Leopard will be a totally 64 bit Operating System with 32 bit drivers for legacy applications, like those that use Carbon. If Mono sticks with Carbon, it will be a legacy framework on Mac OS X in Snow Leopard and stuck in 32 bits.

Currently, on Leopard, Java JRE version 6, the latest, is 64 bits only and there is a 64 bit version of JRE 5. Obviously, Apple knows the correct way to build a JVM on their technology. If we were to learn from their technique, we could make Mono the same way.

Any thoughts on this?

Eric R. Dunstan
e_dunstan at hotmail.com

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