[Mono-osx] [ANN] NObjective 0.9.0 Released

Eugeny Grishul eugeny.grishul at gmail.com
Tue Jan 6 13:47:35 EST 2009


I'm happy to present a new release of NObjective bridge. 
NObjective is a high-performance low-level bridge from Mono to Objective-C
Also it provides automatically generated proxies around all Objective-C
classes so you don't need to create them manually like in mobjc, monobjc,

This release brings unbeatable performance and significantly reduced startup

1) Mac Pro ( Intel Xeon ) 
native objc results:
Invocation: 0.821ms
ImpInvocation: 0.78ms
Allocation: 2.299ms
Vararg marshaling: 119.261ms
try/catch overhead: 1.192ms
Exception rethrow: 36.409ms
TotalMemory: 344 KiB

NObjective v0.9.1.39189 results:
Invocation: 2.631ms
Allocation: 4.55ms
Vararg marshaling: 563.284ms
try/catch overhead: 139.315ms
Exception rethrow: 1785.452ms
TotalMemory: 444 KiB

Monobjc v2.0.313.0 results:
Invocation: 12.768ms
Allocation: 101.478ms
Vararg marshaling: 790.094ms
TotalMemory: 8524 KiB

mobjc results:
Invocation: 164.736ms
Allocation: 289.38ms
try/catch overhead: 404.608ms
Exception rethrow: 13228.834ms
TotalMemory: 1368 KiB

Cocoa# results:
Invocation: 336.063ms
Allocation: 1783.637ms
Vararg marshaling: 7811.406ms
TotalMemory: 14596 KiB

* Note: vararg support not supported by mobjc 
* Note: cross-runtime exception rethrowing not supported by monobjc/cocoa#

2) ancient macmini ( PowerPC G4 ) 
native objc results:
Invocation: 4.394ms
ImpInvocation: 4.214ms
Allocation: 12.637ms
Vararg marshaling: 379.573ms
try/catch overhead: 7.867ms
Exception rethrow: 130.8ms
TotalMemory: 320 KiB

NObjective v0.9.1.15451 results:
Invocation: 19.69ms
Allocation: 28.978ms
Vararg marshaling: 2023.192ms
try/catch overhead: 602.877ms
Exception rethrow: 5984.344ms
TotalMemory: 412 KiB

Monobjc v2.0.313.0 results:
Invocation: 66.287ms
Allocation: 588.324ms
Vararg marshaling: 3388.851ms
TotalMemory: 8560 KiB

mobjc results:
Invocation: 842.785ms
Allocation: 1417.381ms
try/catch overhead: 2142.859ms
Exception rethrow: 62011.612ms
TotalMemory: 1524 KiB

Cocoa# results:
Invocation: 1370.951ms
Allocation: 5717.782ms
Vararg marshaling: 29789.68ms
TotalMemory: 14636 KiB

Don't forget to download and evaluate it: 

Eugeny Grishul.
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