[Mono-osx] Is native look on OS X possible?

Matt Emson memsom at interalpha.co.uk
Wed Feb 11 06:38:22 EST 2009

Joanna Carter wrote:

Ignoring all above: IDE and Language/Compiler discussions are probably 
out of the scope of the original discussion.
> If you are a Mac user, I have to ask you why you are looking at, what 
> is essentially, a Windows solution?

Why is Mono on OS X a "Windows solution"? If one uses an Objective-C 
bridge, no Windows specific code needs to come in to the equation.

> I agree that C# and the .NET libraries are much easier to get to know 
> than ObjectiveC but are you expecting to write apps primarily for 
> Windows that can run on Mac, or the other way around?

Neither. For me, Mono != Windows programming, and Windows Programming 
does not seem to be the only objective of Mono. Though compatibility may 
be a goal, a Mono programmer can write entire application suites without 
compiling or running a single line on Windows. Maybe, here-in lies the 
problem with your perception of what Mono is? :-)

> If you have no wish to get involved with Windows, why aren't you 
> looking at using the "native" Mac solution of ObjectiveC,<Java is not 
> a native solution>?

Simplicity. I write C# code for a living. I love Objective-C, but 
sometimes it's quicker to use what you are most familiar with.... <shrugs>

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