[Mono-osx] [ANN] mobjc 0.6 and mcocoa 0.5

Jesse Jones jesjones at mindspring.com
Wed Apr 29 07:29:14 EDT 2009

mcocoa provides C# wrappers around nearly all of Apple's Foundation  
and AppKit frameworks. mobc is a bridge between Mono and Objective-C.  
Together these libraries allow you to write Cocoa applications using  
Mono. Unlike most other libraries mobjc properly handles exceptions  
arising in both managed and native code.

The libraries can be found at <http://code.google.com/p/mcocoa/> and <http://code.google.com/p/mobjc/ 

Changes to mcocoa include:
* Fixed the SetFrontProcess code which (sometimes) crashed horribly on  
* Added NSMutableArray.Create methods.
* Added NSRange, NSPoint, NSSize, and NSRect ToString overloads which  
support culture invariant round tripping. Also added Parse methods.
* Added NSPoint.Distance.
* Added NSSize.Area.
* Added NSRect.Left, Right, Bottom, Top, Contains, Intersects,  
Intersect, and Union.
* NSArray, NSIndexSet, NSDictionary, and NSString implement  
* Made some NSDocumentController methods return NSDocument instead of  
* Replaced the NSString operator== and != string overloads with an  
Equals overload to avoid ambiguities with null.
* Added NSShowAnimationEffect functions.
* Added NSNib.NSNibOwner and NSNibTopLevelObjects constants.
* Added NSPasteboard and NSDocumentType externs.
* make install creates the /usr/local directories if they don't exist.

Changes to mobjc include:
* Did some work on the cocoa-pack script:
     - Made the bundle's Resources directory the working directory so  
mono finds the mobjc-glue.dylib there instead of the one in /usr/local/ 
     - Quoted a path so apps launch even if there is a space somewhere  
in their path.
     - The mono link is now named after the bundle and the link is now  
hard which means that the process name will now be something  
reasonable instead of "mono".
* mobjc-glue.dylib is now built as a universal binary.
* Moved DisableRuleAttribute, Unused, and WeakList into a Helpers  
* Added a Helpers.Contract class based on Microsoft's contract goo.
* Removed AssertListener.
* make install now creates the /usr/local directories if they do not  

   -- Jesse

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