[Mono-osx] MonoDevelop 1.9 for OS X release!

Marc Christensen mchristensen at novell.com
Mon Oct 27 16:51:49 EDT 2008

Norbert Pausch wrote:
> I tried to follow your suggestions.
> Renaming of the dmg failed. There is only "read" enabled (renaming the 
> app works but with no effect as well).
> Nevertheless I reinstalled but nothing really changed. The IDE comes up
> but most things do not work. The system complains about missing 
> linux-deployment, xml-editor, source-editor and so on. But if You have a 
> look into the directories the files reside there. Their names always 
> start with MonoDevelop. You can see them as well in "preferences->add-in 
> manager" in most cases even activated. Trying to edit the source of vb 
> class produces the following dump (reproducable):
> See end of mail.

Hey Norbert, can you open a shell and CD into


and run 'mono MonoDevelop.exe' for me?  What version of macosx are you 
running?  What version of Mono do you have installed?

We tested on Macosx 10.5.4 with mono-2.0 and everything works fine.


Marc Christensen

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