[Mono-osx] MonoDevelop 1.9 for OS X release!

Norbert Pausch napau at t-online.de
Mon Oct 27 16:48:26 EDT 2008

I tried to follow your suggestions.
Renaming of the dmg failed. There is only "read" enabled (renaming the  
app works but with no effect as well).
Nevertheless I reinstalled but nothing really changed. The IDE comes up
but most things do not work. The system complains about missing linux- 
deployment, xml-editor, source-editor and so on. But if You have a  
look into the directories the files reside there. Their names always  
start with MonoDevelop. You can see them as well in "preferences->add- 
in manager" in most cases even activated. Trying to edit the source of  
vb class produces the following dump (reproducable):
See end of mail.


Am 27.10.2008 um 18:55 schrieb Rusty Howell:

> Hey Doug, (and anyone else who's seeing issues)
> I'm confused a bit. This .dmg works flawlessly on my Mac Mini. I  
> tested
> the dmg, named Monodevelop-19.dmg and things worked great.
> Then I did a simple rename of the .dmg to MonoDevelop-19.dmg. And  
> things
> still work fine. Does OSX do some fancy error handling
> or something that would try to resolve a rename?
> Can you try something for me?
> - Uninstall MonoDevelop.
> - Rename the .dmg to Monodevelop-1.9.dmg (that was the original name.)
> - Reinstall.
> Let me know if that works.
> Rusty Howell
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