[Mono-osx] "Error Loading NIB file" with Monobjc?

marc hoffman mh at elitedev.com
Fri Nov 14 18:18:22 EST 2008


i'm giving Monobjc a first spin and it seems that no matter what i do,  
Monobj fails to load my NIB file (which is properly embedded in the  
\Resources folder of my .app), with the message "Error Loading NIB  
file" emitted to the console, and the app shows with an empy main menu  
and no UI (unsurprisingly).

this happens exactly the same whether i specify the proper name of my  
NIB ("Interface.nib") to the LoadNib call, or whether i specify some  
fantasy name ("foo.nib"). i also tried omitting the .nib extension,  
including the "/Resources/" path, etc,. same error. Which makes me  
think it doesn't actually *find* the NIB in the first place (rather  
than finding but not liking it).

my app is virtually identical to an empty working Cocoa# app (except  
for chaged class names & namespaces, and different code in Main(),  
which works fine.

i tried with the latest release, as well as the one before;  
i'm referencing the 2.0 dlls.

any suggestions? what could i be missing?

marc hoffman

RemObjects Software
The Infrastructure Company

On Nov 11, 2008, at 4:01 PM, Laurent Etiemble wrote:

> Hello,
> We are proud to announce that a new release of Monobjc bridge is
> available (http://www.monobjc.net/). The Monobjc bridge provides the
> necessary tools to develop and run .NET applications (written in C#,
> VB.NET, etc.) that interact with Objective-C frameworks and libraries
> under Mac OS X. Existing Objective-C classes can be used in .NET code
> in an almost transparent manner.
> This release brings:
> - a better support for NSCell subclassing
> - new symbols in NSApplication, NSCell, NSEvent and NSScroller
> - a fix of the IL generation under Mono 2.0 that prevents Drag and
> Drop from working
> Downloads: http://www.monobjc.net/index.php?page=downloads
> Tutorials : http://www.monobjc.net/index.php?page=tutorials
> Samples : http://www.monobjc.net/index.php?page=samples
> Feedback and remarks are welcomed !!!
> Regards, Laurent Etiemble.
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