[Mono-osx] Question about Cocoa# on OS X

Seth A. Roby seth.roby at kaseya.com
Thu Jun 12 18:24:09 EDT 2008

On Jun 12, 2008, at 1:42 PM, Mike wrote:

> I am porting a .NET app from Windows to OS X. I've read about Cocoa#,
> but what I want to do is go the other way - write a fully native
> Cocoa/Obj-C app in XCode, and then call .NET APIs from within that  
> app.
> The Cocoa# docs seems to say that Cocoa# is designed to go the other  
> way
> - calling Cocoa APIs from within a Mono/Cocoa#/C# application.
> Is there a way to do what I mentioned above? I only need a few of the
> .NET services in my Cocoa app - namely System.Xml and some of the
> networking features of .NET.

If you're only doing low-level stuff, why do you need to pull in  
the .NET libraries? Or do you have lots of .NET code, but that code  
only depends on the XML and Network stuff?

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Software Developer

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