[Mono-osx] Question about Cocoa# on OS X

Mike junklists at michael-amorose.com
Thu Jun 12 16:42:07 EDT 2008

I am porting a .NET app from Windows to OS X. I've read about Cocoa#, 
but what I want to do is go the other way - write a fully native 
Cocoa/Obj-C app in XCode, and then call .NET APIs from within that app.

The Cocoa# docs seems to say that Cocoa# is designed to go the other way 
- calling Cocoa APIs from within a Mono/Cocoa#/C# application.

Is there a way to do what I mentioned above? I only need a few of the 
.NET services in my Cocoa app - namely System.Xml and some of the 
networking features of .NET.



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