[Mono-osx] Obj-C#, Cocoa# and bundles.

Andrew Satori dru at druware.com
Tue Jan 22 17:12:11 EST 2008

The short answer is that ObjC# is a bridge from Objective C to Mono/.NET
code, while Cocoa# is an implementation of the Cocoa API from Mono/.NET.

As for the rest, these are implementation details specific to your needs and
I'll address them at a later date if you still have questions.

On 1/22/08 4:46 PM, "Sijmen Mulder" <sjmulder at gmail.com> found the proper
letters on the keyboard to produce:

> Hi,
> I was looking at the various options of using C# the Mac. There are a
> few things which haven't yet become clear to me from my research so
> far on the net:
> 1. What is the relationship between Obj-C# and Cocoa#? Looking at the
> samples, they seem to be two totally different projects.
> 2. Continuing on question 1, here is my case. I have an application
> that basically consists of a .NET DLL assembly, and a generic launcher
> (doing the system work) for every specific platform. My idea was to
> write an Objective-C launcher/backend for the Mac (as opposed to fully
> Cocoa#), as I need to a few native libraries. The program should be
> able to access most of the .NET assembly. Note that it's Objective-C
> calling .NET here, not the other way around. No Cocoa classes need to
> be exposed to the .NET code. Are either Obj-C# or Cocoa# mature enough
> to do this? Which one would be the best option?
> 3. I'd like to provide my users with the best experience. To me, that
> means no dependency hell. Is there a way to wrap up mono and Obj-C# or
> Cocoa# libraries (whatever is needed) in the application bundle, like
> with PyObjC for instance?
> 4. Anything else I should be aware of?
> Thanks a lot.
> Also, great work so far!
> -Sijmen
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