[Mono-osx] Obj-C#, Cocoa# and bundles.

Sijmen Mulder sjmulder at gmail.com
Tue Jan 22 16:46:47 EST 2008


I was looking at the various options of using C# the Mac. There are a  
few things which haven't yet become clear to me from my research so  
far on the net:

1. What is the relationship between Obj-C# and Cocoa#? Looking at the  
samples, they seem to be two totally different projects.

2. Continuing on question 1, here is my case. I have an application  
that basically consists of a .NET DLL assembly, and a generic launcher  
(doing the system work) for every specific platform. My idea was to  
write an Objective-C launcher/backend for the Mac (as opposed to fully  
Cocoa#), as I need to a few native libraries. The program should be  
able to access most of the .NET assembly. Note that it's Objective-C  
calling .NET here, not the other way around. No Cocoa classes need to  
be exposed to the .NET code. Are either Obj-C# or Cocoa# mature enough  
to do this? Which one would be the best option?

3. I'd like to provide my users with the best experience. To me, that  
means no dependency hell. Is there a way to wrap up mono and Obj-C# or  
Cocoa# libraries (whatever is needed) in the application bundle, like  
with PyObjC for instance?

4. Anything else I should be aware of?

Thanks a lot.
Also, great work so far!


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