[Mono-osx] (no subject)

Geoff Norton gnorton at novell.com
Fri Feb 8 11:15:52 EST 2008


On 8-Feb-08, at 11:11 AM, Jeremy R. Geerdes wrote:

> Greetings. I'm wondering if anyone can provide insight into  
> installing mono, xsp, and mod_mono on a Santa Rosa MacBook running  
> Leopard (detailed system specs below).  I've run the packaged  
> installer, and everything seems to go okay, but I have since  
> discovered that even simple tests of the framework fail.  I can  
> start xsp and mod-mono-server, and they report that they are  
> listening on appropriate addresses and ports, but they fail to  
> respond when queried.  And mod_mono won't even install at all.  The  
> make install simply places a symlink (mod_mono.so) to a non-existent  
> file (mod_mono.0.0.0.so) in the Apache modules folder
> I read in other forums that modules such as mod_jk have issues with  
> Leopard and/or the Santa Rosa architecture because they still try to  
> install for i386 when Santa Rosa requires x86-64.  So after several  
> frustrating days, I went through the makefile for mod_mono and tried  
> to change i386 references to x86-64, but I don't really have a lot  
> of experience doing that, and it did nothing for me.

Try compiing with CFLAGS="-m64" to get around the 32-bit/64-bit  
problem.  The "invalid install" is a problem with apxs2 on Leopard.  I  
think Dru was working on a fix for this (I've cc'd him)


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