[Mono-osx] End user question

Iain Collins mono-osx at iaincollins.com
Fri Feb 1 12:19:11 EST 2008

On 1 Feb 2008, at 17:02, Geoff Norton wrote:
> Some other emails seem to indicate that it runs in X11, this is  
> untrue for the native driver, but we still use fontconfig/freetype  
> for font rendering which apple includes with the X11 package.

I did read something along those lines on the Mono-Project website,  
but - without writing a wrapper - I find that when I build a simple  
Winforms application with Mono 1.2.6 it still runs under X11 when  
executed (whether I use macpack to build a .app or not).

If that is not the intended behavior, any hints as to why that's the  

Iain Collins, me at iaincollins.com

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