[Mono-osx] End user question

Michael Caron michael.r.caron at gmail.com
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I thought that there was a Mono-ized GTK that ran natively in mac with the
Cocoa# libs... or is this put on hold due to the resurgence in Cocoa#. 
>From Miguel de Icaza's blog:
"We will distribute Imendio's Gtk+ for OSX and Gtk# as part of our runtime.
It has now reached a maturity point that allows applications like
MonoDevelop to run natively (without X11)."
Or am I thinking something different?
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On 1-Feb-08, at 1:41 AM, Dennis Hayes wrote:

I have a fairly simple Winforms app.
It uses the timer control.
It reads/writes data from/to \\server\drive\directory\file.txt but that
could be changed to the default directory.

You'd have to test it but this should work fine under 1.9 with a macpack'd
executable so long as the end users have X11 installed (default on 10.5) and
Mono.framework installed from our website.

Some other emails seem to indicate that it runs in X11, this is untrue for
the native driver, but we still use fontconfig/freetype for font rendering
which apple includes with the X11 package.


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