[Mono-osx] Problems with Oxygene and CocoaSharp

marc hoffman mh at elitedev.com
Sat Aug 23 09:00:22 EDT 2008


>    It seems like you have an older version of Cocoa# than Oxygene
> expects.

that was my initial reaction as well when seeing the Menu .ctor error,  
coz iirc that was long fixed. But Joanna sais she's using the latest?  
1.9.1_3 certainly is the last one i ever used (and i'm ashamed and  
sorry for being so out of the loop, yes <g>), so Oxygene can;t be  
expecting anything newer

fwiw, Oxygene doesn't add any library or layers on top of Cocoa# "all"  
it does is use the existing Cocoa# library, and provide nice  
integration to have code generated from .NIBs and to MacPack apps  
right form inside VS as part of the build process. there can't really  
be any "mismatch" between Cocoa@ and what Oxygene expects (unless you  
go back to really old Cocoa# versions that expect vastly different  

so the Menu .ctor exception *does* sound like it needs to be something  
broken in the Cocoa# library itself.

any thoughts, based on this new info?


ps: will i see you at PDC?

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