[Mono-osx] Mono development on OS X without a debugger? (was Re: Mono on Leopard)

Andreas Färber andreas.faerber at web.de
Mon Nov 12 15:48:24 EST 2007

Am 10.11.2007 um 18:03 schrieb Stephen Rylander:

> Ed, out of curiosity, why not just java on OS X then?

The question of whether to use Java has exactly nothing to do with  
Mono tools.

If someone likes Java, he/she can certainly use it on the Mac and  
elsewhere. But for one thing, GUI programming is a little clumsy and  
slow in Java, and Java 6 support on OS X Tiger is far from superior.  
We have to use a lot of Java at our University and I can't run  
serious benchmarks against a beta-level runtime with incomplete JIT  
support that's not being updated for months!
Not to mention that Console.ReadLine(); even without debugger is much  
less error-prone than try { new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader 
(System.in)).readLine(); } catch (IOExceptiojn ex) {} or whatever. ;-)

This is definitely not the right list to discuss Java-or-not-Java.


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